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Key Ring Tracker

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Key Ring Tracker


Device Price     =     £150

Monitoring        =     £6 monthly

Airtime               =      £5 monthly

Rental                =      £80  (No contract)

All prices UK Pounds Sterling

The Key Ring Tracking device is designed for covert use, normally carried inside a handbag or pocket.  It uses the latest GPS / GPRS and battery technology ensuring that the user has peace of mind whenever they are wearing it.  Once fully charged, the tracking device can transmit its position via GPRS every 5 minutes for 48 hours.  Alternatively, the update can be more frequent which will reduce the battery life.  The position is transmitted into a 24 x 7 alarm receiving centre.  The Key ring device also has an active panic button that once activated will raise an alarm at the Monitoring Centre.


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